PROMOTION FOR DILLA MONTH: We Must Be ~ Clairvoyance

by JaeNice

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"'s Nice."

Is what I told you, you went from a like to a wife/
A crush to a love, LOVE/
Is what I told you, at the coffee shop/
When our feelings transformed like an Autobot/
Optimus Prime, and when I had the option to lie/
I told you the truth, about how I could provide/
A life for the two of us.../
So, lets runaway in our foolishness/ (uh)
It's between me and you/
The rest of the worlds got nothing to do with us/
Baby girl, although your fam don't approve, prove/
What the (expletive) they gon do to us??/


"Modern Girl" (GET UP)
"I need to know....I wanna....Honey...."

Damn, guess it's back to the drawing board/
Your pretty face and your smile what I'm drawn towards/
I would weave through a crowd and your entourage/
Just to holla at you girl lets get involved/
New relationships born, then evolves/
We could climb to the top, and if we fall/
I'll be ya Cliffhanger, plus I read/
The Cliffs Notes from Romeo and Juliet/
So when it comes to romance know a thing or two/
Couple things I could see with you, Clairvoyance/
Like, be the mother of my son/
You make me wanna plant a, Johnny Appleseed in you/
Watch it grow from your stomach to its birth/
To a boy playing catch with his Dad, FLASH/
Back to the present I was lost in the future we could have/
Miss, can I get your name?/
I don't mean to bother you, it might sound awkward/
But it took a lot of guts getting up to come talk with you/
I could be so different from your Ex-man/
So stop playing put your number in this iphone/


released February 12, 2014
For Dilla Month. SOUNDCLIPS from Dwele Mixtape, and Mos Def.



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JaeNice Los Angeles, California

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